Thank You For All Your Support

Yesterday Californians went to the polls. Unfortunately we were not able to secure a large enough share of the vote to win this race. I want to congratulate my opponent for a campaign well fought. Now is the time to come together and tackle the issues that face our district. Even though we didn’t win your voice is still important, make sure it is heard between now and the next election.

We came closer than we ever have to winning this seat. Do not be discouraged, continue to support the kind of candidates you want to see represent you in Sacramento.

Finally, I want to say thank you.

To all those who spent their weekends walking their neighborhoods and making phone calls.

To those who donated again and again so my campaign could have the necessary resources.

To those who talked about my campaign with their friends and neighbors, and on social media.

This race couldn’t have been run without you and I am deeply honored to have done this together.

Christy Smith


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